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This page has information on the over 100 volunteer positions we need to fill to support the operation of the Fox Valley Folk Music & Storytelling Festival. It is linked back to a form can be filled in and e-mailed directly, or printed and sent by conventional mail.

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Volunteer Job Descriptions

General Setup
Set up for each area is basically delivery of material and set up/preparation of that respective area's equipment or supplies for the day's activities. Saturday is the primary assembly day for stages, tents, etc. and hammers and multi-tools come in very handy for stage assembly. Monday evening is primary strike (tear-down).

Power & Sound Setup
Sunday Morning and Monday Morning require that the four "powered" workshop stages have their sound systems set up and tested in preparation for the days workshops. General familiarity with sound systems and microphone set up is required. Systems are both modular (seperate amp, mixer, etc.) and one piece powered units. Each evening the systems also have to be packed up.

At the donations booths, we of course take donations, but there is more to it. Donation Booths are also "Information Central" for visitors to the fest. We have Festival programs and flyers from other various Folk venues in the area. At the Donations Booth, a guest can make their donation, find out where their favorite performer is, learn about other upcoming activities in the area, and find just the right workshop to participate in. All thanks to you!

At Hospitality we check in each of the performers and volunteers, direct them where they need to go if need be, check in instruments, assist in the Food Service area, and generally help anyone anyway we can! It requires a level head, organization, and a desire to be part of the hospitality team that is legendary with folk performers.

Check In / Lock Up
This is checking in instruments and providing the owner with a numbered tag. This is a vital role as the instruments are the key to our performers' livelihoods!

Raffle Sales
Raffle Sales is lots of fun! It involves going around the park offering raffle tickets (for purchase) to our guests, letting them know just what we're raffling off, explaining if asked where the raffle money goes (it all goes back into the production of the Festival), and basically having a good time interacting with visitors to the Festival!

Children's Workshop Stage
The Children's Workshops are just that, workshops. Structured activities, not babysitting. Our younger guests are important too! They are the future of the Folk Community!

Housing Performers
If you have room in your home to accommodate an out of town performer(s) for one or two nights please let us know and we will have our performer hospitality laison, Betty Hurst, contact you to discuss the possibilities.

Runner At Large
We will use a Runner at Large if we can't find a certain volunteer, manager, performer, piece of equipment etc... Runner at Large will get the see everything and everyone!

Stage Manager
The Main Stage Manager works with Juel, the Main Stage sound crew and the performers to make sure that the main stage runs on time and the transition from one act to the next runs smoothly.

Tape & CD Sales:
We offer for sale the recordings of performers at the Festival. Work in the sales tent includes the actual sales transaction of recordings with the fest visitors and logging those sales, plus you get to check out for yourself all the recordings of our fine performers.

Traffic Control
There is a bottleneck in the island path at the bridge. With carts whizzing by delivering performers and volunteers to and from the parking lot, we need folks to direct that traffic at the bridge, and you would be absolutely vital in keeping us all from tripping over ourselves!

Shuttle Driver
A shuttle driver will use a "golf" cart to transport volunteers and performers, and their cargo, from the parking lot to Hospitality or to which ever stage they are needed at. Please only licensed drivers over 18, and no CDL is required.

Comfort Station
This is the "First Aid" Tent, but current custom doesn't allow treatment. We do, however, need folks with First Aid experience to evaluate situations that arise with our guests and provide a central point for coordination with Geneva's EMT team. Bee stings, heat exhaustion and stubbed toes are the usual demands of the job.

Staff Parking Control
Another vital task because we only allow those with FVFS parking passes (our volunteers and performers) to park in this designated area. Parking control will keep the general public from parking in this area. If a performer who does have his pass can't park here because the general public gets into the lot, he might be late for his time slot! Those working Staff Parking Control will have an umbrella/shade, a chair, a nifty vest in an internationally recognized color of authority, and the authority to call in a tow truck.

General Strike
Strike on Sunday involves putting the Festival to bed and just generally wrapping things up, but not tearing down tents. That comes with Monday Strike. Monday strike we take down all the tents, disassemble stages, (hammers & multitools come in handy), and get everything put away for next year's festival

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